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  • Heads
  • Transmissions
  • Billet Roller Rockers
  • Billet Rocker Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Cam Shafts
  • Rotors
  • Clutches
  • Pressure Plate
  • Drive Hub
  • Aluminum Griddles
  • Wheelie Bars
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Roll Cages
  • Input Shafts
  • Cross Shaft

Fortified Performance Parts - Tractor Pulling Parts

  • Tractor Pulling Parts
  • Custom Tractor Pulling Parts
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  • High Performance Tractor Parts

Transmission Gear sets $600-$1,200.004
Speed 8000 style transmission all new bearings $5,500.00 with exchange
Billet Front and Back Plates 5000-7000 trans $1,200.00
Steel nose cone 5000-7000 $385.000
Adjustable cam Gear $650.00
Billet Roller Rockers $750.00 set
Billet rocker shafts $400.00
Re-Ground cam shafts
Steel Hats & rotors
Rotors $350.00 pair
Rings for rotors and hubs $250.00 4 pieces
Tubing for hat $11.00 per inch needed
Estimated price, total package $800.00
Steel turbo mounting flanges cnc plasma cut outs
1/4" T3 size $10.00
1/4" T4 size $10.00
3/8" T3 size $13.00
3/8" T4 size $13.00

Box tubing riser available $9.00 per inch
Turbo V band fitting GT42 style steel for welding on cross over pipe $75.00
Solid Input shafts 10 spline or 27 spline $385.00
Needled Differential Cross Shaft 8000-9600 $350.00
4 spider needled cross 5000-7000 $775.00
Clutches Complete clutch with steel SFI flywheel
2 Disc Spring pressure plate $2,500.00
3 Disc Spring pressure plate $2,800.00
Add drive hub for Hydraulic oil pump $225.00
3 disc Spring Crower Style $3,500.00

Replacement parts for clutches
Aluminum Griddles
Weld on 9 bolt hubs $350.00
8000 style Wheelie bars $650.00 pair
Channel frame front axle with rack & pinion $4,800.00
Roll Cages Welded together $1,200.00

Complete built engines from Farm Stock to SuperFarm Turn Key Tractors

Fortified Performance Cylinder Heads

All tractor heads have custom made valves pour purpose
Built for application.
Ported and flow tested
Our heads are designed for your application

Genesis With exchange $4,000.00
Truck with exchange $3,800.00

Call for custom pricing for your tractor heads

Tractor Pulling Heads

Tractor Pulling Parts - Engine

Tractor Pulling Parts

Clean Fone -Tractor Pulling Parts

Clean Fone

Custom Tractor Pulling Parts
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Burlington WI 53105
PH: 262-206-1297
Fax 262-864-4182
Contact Andy Keyes 262-206-1297 
Fortified Performance Parts

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